A project to celebrate you ~ Woman and Mother

Women's empowerment photography

'To see myself through your lens gives me a new perspective of myself. Thank you so much for sharing. I am deeply grateful for your gift.'

We are incredible, powerful and beautiful.

It's such a great thing that as a society we are beginning to see our bodies this way during pregnancy.

 But what happens after?

What becomes of our bodies, our skin, ourselves?

In 2018 women and motherhood is still so heavily censored.

Our society in general remains uncomfortable with the sight of a mother nursing her child. With images of women giving birth.

Woman's bodies are still viewed as inherently sexual.

I wonder how our collective attitudes to women and the value we place on our roles as mothers would change if we began to accept our changing bodies?

Can we honour and revere our bodies in all seasons of motherhood?

Even after the pregnant bump has gone and our babes are growing bigger.

I am beginning a personal project that asks these questions and explores our complex relationship with our bodies.

I want to create a body of artisitc and truthful images that say to the world-

'We are women and these are our bodies'

I am looking for models of ALL shapes, sizes, ethnicity and ages to come on this journey with me.

Your body, your skin and your journey.


If you would like to be involved in this project and celebrate your body please get in touch... I'd love to hear from you.