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Celebrating Women

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Working with women who share my passion and vision is the best. When Kate and I first chatted about my 'Celebrating Women' project, I got little goosebumps. She just got it; and that was so validating and motivating as I started to nurture this little seed of an idea.

We talked about which bits she was proud of, which bits she loved and which bits she struggled with.

We talked about how we wished we could shine a light on those parts of ourselves we kept hidden away in the shadows, out of shame or dissatisfaction, and begin to see them in a new way.

She told me that generally, she felt pretty ok with her body. She had always been comfortable in her skin and although her body had changed along the way she felt good to be naked. She felt content.

She talked me through the journey she had been on over the last years. From the struggle to breastfeed her first child, the miscarriage she went through followed by the deep grief of loosing her Mum. She cried a few tears.                                                   She told me that she had always been a mother, a nurturer, a carer. 

Now, blooming, blossoming and pregnant with her daughter, her body radiates with the promise of life. 


I admired her second trimester, growing belly and I admired the way she held herself; with ease and quiet confidence.

I wandered how many women afford themselves the freedom of just being with their bodies, just being with their skin. What a liberation that could be.

Every Mother's body tells a story. A story of loving and loosing, of anticipating and longing, a story of hard work and strength and elegance.

It's all here, rich and beautiful and true.

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I am so grateful to the women who are vulnerable and open with me, entrusting me to share their stories. If you feel to, please leave a like, a comment or even share. It would mean a lot to both of us!

Source: Exeter Birth & Family Photographer