Model Call | Shapes of Motherhood series in Exeter

Exploring body image, identity and the beautiful truths of Motherhood | A photography series in Exeter & the Southwest

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When the rhythm of your days is dictated by the needs of small and entirely dependant being and your tired and changing body isn’t your own anymore.

You move through the moments and the days, a carousel of caring, nurturing, carrying and giving; it suffocates and soothes you and it does everything in between.

When you stop to look out at the world around you everything is the same, but to you, it’s different. It’s all so very different.

Where do you find yourself in all of this?

You look in the mirror and the person looking back isn’t someone you entirely recognise. You are excited to see her emerge and evolve but you mourn your old self too. You look down at your stretched belly with a potent and confusing combination of grief and pride; wanting to simultaneously hide it away and show all the world how utterly amazing it all is, as you know how hard to worked to earn those stripes.

You look at the lines gathering around your eyes; from the nights awake pacing the floor and just as many from joyful laughter that the last few months with your home made human have gifted you with.

Exeter family photographer.jpg

You wonder where your motherhood ends and you begin. You wonder... is there even a difference?

I’m aching to explore all of this and I’m looking for a few women to come on this journey with me; to dive deeply into the themes of identity, body image and the beautiful truths within the daily graft of your motherhood.

Perhaps you are curious too?

Are you ready to dig into your own identity in this season of motherhood? Are you willing to share snippets of your daily routines of bathing, feeding, loving, along the intimacy and struggle within them?

If so I’d love to hear from you.

EVERYONE is welcome, any size, shape, ethnicity, background or family structure. I want to get really real with this.

If you’re interested in taking part in this project and would like to be considered, or just to find out a little bit more, get in touch via the form below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

(Nudity + model release required)

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