A peaceful babymoon

Newborn Lifestyle Photography

It is such a beautiful thing to be welcomed into someone's home in the sweet first days with their newborn baby.

First things first. Naturally I'm keen to hear all about their beautiful home birth over a cup of tea. I love to see women's faces lighting up as they describe the details of their birth story. After a long labour these two were on top of the world when they finally met their first girl after two boys.  

We chat some more as the bath runs and gets to just the right temperature. Once mum and baby are in and comfy I begin to gently add the flowers that I picked from my garden that morning.


Bliss. They both relax deeply and I quietly click away as mum washes her baby, strokes her skin and feeds her when she asks.


When they are finished in the bath and everyone is dressed and warm, we move into the bedroom. This little girl has an appetite and wants to feed again. And this is fine by me as these are some of the most organic and tender moments to capture.


I encourage them to just relax, pretend I'm not here and just enjoy this quiet time together, just the three of them. And they do. The whisper to her. They whisper to each other. Dad strokes mums hair and gives her some gentle kisses. Occasionally I make a quiet suggestion but mostly I just let it happen and enjoy observing this moment of love, intimacy and joy as they sit and marvel at her loveliness. Her tiny details. Her funny grunty noises and snuffles. And they mutter softly to her in their Spanish tongue.

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When our session is over I say goodbye to a happy and relaxed family.


As a mother of three children who seem to grow before my eyes, I understand how these moments pass, sometimes painfully fast.


I am so glad to have been able to capture these moments for them.